Custom Number Printing


Get your preferred number printed at the back of the SarawakCrocs Tribal Jersey as we now offer number customization.

The number must be more than two digits (tidak melebihi 10 aksara) consisting of numbers 00 – 99 only.


Please select the Tribal Jersey version | Sila pilih versi jersi
Please type the custom number you want to have printed
Please select the jersey size where you want the number to be printed.


Print any a maximum of two digit numbers on your jersey with our customize printing service.

  • Maximum 2 digits only 
  • Numbers allowed: 00 – 99
  • Height of Font: 23.5CM
  • Font style: Standard capital letters / Huruf Besar Standard

Photos are for illustration purposes only. // Gambar disertakan adalah untuk ilustrasi sahaja.