Kedey.SarawakCrocs now known as TheKedey

If you may have noticed we had closed our shop after the World Cup started.

There was one good reason for this, and it is a good one. We have decided to move away from the SarawakCrocs branding and become an independent online shop ourselves.  Not that the SarawakCrocs brand isn’t great, but the name itself was too long.

That said, from 20 July 2018, we are re-opening and now would be known solely with the name THEKEDEY.

What does this change mean to you, our customers?

Well, aside from the simpler branding, it only means that you will have less to type when you want to visit us.  The rest, in terms of product quality and sales remains the same and improved!

Oh, in line with our new shop, we also decided to revamp the whole store to give it a fresh new look.

What do you think? Dig it?

Well, we hope you do, and welcome back!